we are AK arts, in NATTA RAMESWARAM we offer a fine collection of statues . we believe in that the collosal figure of great person must be with real features to recollect their glorious deeds.

we cast BRONZE STATUES truly pulsate with life by our inheritable and unrivalled dexterity.

for our consumate skill hon’ble ministers, M.P.’s, political leaders and distinguished personage venerated and adorned” TITLES” on several occasions with pleasure.

we humble implore your visit to our studio at your early convenience for your kind encouragement. in 

Men behind AK ART STUDIO

About us

a short note about AK art studio

we are with the 100 years of excellence, in making of various varieties off statues by using different material.

we make Fiber,POP, Cement,Bronze & Panchaloha statues.

we use latest printing technology like 3D printing and we proudly says that we made the india’s largest panchaloha statue of  VASAVI KANYAKA PARAMESWARI statue that is around 90 feet in height.


in this beautiful journey of sculpting we achieved some great things they are:

we built world tallest VASAVI KANYAKA PARAMESWARI  90 feet pancha loha idol at penugonda , in feb 15th 2019.

we took the prestigious project of Indian National Leaders  and Poets Bronze status installed at Tank bund , Hyderabad in 2012

dr. B.R.AMBEDKAR 25 feet bronze statue installedon 14 april2018, at Bapatla, the statue built with U.S.A digital sculpting technology.

we are making & installed  nearly 12000 bronze & fiber statues of sri Y.S .RAJASHEKAR REDDY gaaru in all over Andhra pradesh & Telangana.

we built 40 feet of bronze statue of our ex cheif minister sri N.T. RAMA RAO gaaru at Sattenapalli, Guntur



natta rameswaram is a land of sculptures, ak fine art studio makes various varieties of status by using different materials with latest technology and by using 3d printing technology, ak fine art studio also making india's largest panchaloha statue of Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari statue that is around 90 feets in height.
Saisubbireddy potamsetti
First of it's kind I had visited. Good place to see mesmerizing methods of sculpture
Peyyala Hareesh
Great art Great designs Famous all around state"
Siriki Paparao
Great art Great designs Famous all around state

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AK art Studio

Attili-Narasapuram Marteru Road, Natta rameswaram, Andha Pradesh