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Joint Replacements

HIP and KNEE replacements are the most successful surgeries in Orthopedics for patients of hip and knee arthritis. The surfaces forming the joint are removed and a highly polished metal prosthesis is inserted

Health Care Services

Bhavani Multispeciality Laparoscopy Hospital is a leading healthcare delivery service provider in Ravulapalem. The health care specialties primarily comprise Orthopaedic hospital, trauma center, diagnostics and day care specialty facilities.

Patient & Attendant Responsibilities

As a patient or attendant, you are responsible for keeping appointments, being on time for appointments, and calling your doctor/hospital if you cannot adhere to the appointment timing.

24 Hours Service

Emergency is available 24 hours. The front office staff at the reception will assist you during the admission process. *Contact :08855 255567, 088552 255568.


Bhavani Multispeciality & Laparoscopy Hospital provides total health care to its patients, with the highest levels of skill, professionalism and ethical practice, leading to their effective care and treatment at affordable costs.

To be a premium health care institution providing Quality medical care with human values.

Balancing the continued commitment to the care of the poor and those most in need with the provision of highly specialized services to a broader community.



Bhavani Multi Speciality Hospital



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