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Avenue trees

Avenues and wide streets look a lot better when they are flanked on both sides by trees. Traditionally is was also common practice to plant trees along prime avenues and streets. There...


Landscaping Varieties

We provide Gardening and Landscaping services in Kadiyam (yes – we are expanding to other cities soon !). We take great pride on our landscaping designs being fun, fresh and interesting..


Fruit and Flower plants

We can supply a wide range good quality, grafted plants and seedlings in various sizes from heights of 2-3 ft to as tall as 8-10 ft tall branched plants. Taller, mature plants will...


Welcome  Rajesh nursery At the earlier days, we were able to cater to the needs of East Godavari only, due to lack of transportation. Now we are exporting all over India. We have many eminent visitors to our nursery including State ministers and Ex-Chief Minister Mr Chandrabau Naidu. We received many awards and felicitations from Government of AP, Central Government of India and private agencies. Reasonable pricing, Quality and Ability to supply in bulk quantities are our specialities.

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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary regelialia. It is a paradisematic country, in which


Farmer Name : T.gopala krishna
(sampara babji) & sons
Pottilanka Road,
kadiyapulanka – 533126
E.G.,Dist., A.P